OMDE 601 Foundations of Distance Education & E-learning

Distance Education Mindmap. [Coggle]. (2016). Sarah Felber

Open Universities in Context: The Cases of OUI and IGNOU. (2016). Sarah Felber

Implications of Transactional Distance Theory for Online Competency-Based Education. (2016). Sarah Felber

The Evolution of Distance Education. (2016). Sarah Felber, Melissa Kline, Tracy Parker, Madeline Stokes, Tracy Wright

OMDE 603 Technology in Distance Education & E-learning

Using Screencast-o-matic in UMUC’s Undergraduate Writing Program. (2016). Sarah Felber

Higher Education Technology Trends for the Next 5-10 Years. (2016). Sarah Felber

OMDE 608 Learner Support in Distance Education and Training

Recommended Resources for OMDE 608, Unit 1. (2017). Sarah Felber

ARCS is Enough. (2017). Sarah Felber

Learner Characteristics and Special Groups. [Prezi]. (2017). Shaneek Celedon, Sarah Felber, Valerie Whitcomb

My Profile as a (Distance Education) Learner. (2017). Sarah Felber

OMDE 610 Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education

The Growing Use of Open Educational Resources and Their Implications for Teaching and Learning. (2017). Sarah Felber

A Cognitivist Approach to Developmental Punctuation Instruction. (2017). Sarah Felber

A Constructivist Learning Activity for WRTG 101. (2017). Sarah Felber

The Chief Engineers Mailgroup: A Community of Practice for Chief Engineers at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. [YouTube]. (2017). Sarah Felber

Serving Our Students Through Flexible Course Design and Development Teams. (2017). Sarah Felber

DEPM 604 Management and Leadership in Distance Education & E-learning

Systems Thinking and Peter Senge’s Learning Organization. (2017). Sarah Felber

Dr. Darcy Hardy and Distance Education Leadership. (2017). Crystal Chew, Sarah Felber, & John Kearney

Attributes and Issues for a Distance Education Leader. (2017). Sarah Felber

DETT 611 Library and Intellectual Property Issues in Distance Education & E-learning

Review of Atenas (2105): “Model for Democratization of the Contents Hosted in MOOCS”. (2017). Sarah Felber

Summary and Critique of UMUC’s Policy on Ownership of Course Materials. (2017). Sarah Felber

Scenario Analysis: Copyright Protection for Textbooks. (2017). Sarah Felber

Article Review: “Beyond Embedded.” [Pixton]. (2017). Sarah Felber

Proposal for a Learning Module on Reading and Writing About Scholarly Journal Articles. (2017). Sarah Felber

Reading and Writing About a Journal Article. [html5 object]. (2017). Sarah Felber