I am currently a collegiate professor in the writing program of UMUC’s Undergraduate School. I have been teaching writing at UMUC for eleven years, though that is not the direction I expected my career to take. I started my college experience at University of Maryland College Park as a math major. Out of curiosity, I took a linguistics class my freshman year and decided right away to pursue a dual degree in math and linguistics. Thanks to a few inspirational professors, I continued to pursue a doctorate in linguistics, moving north to study at University of Connecticut. I wrote my dissertation on the interaction between prescriptive language instruction and people’s predisposition to fit linguistic input into an innate mental grammar system. To give an example in layman’s terms, I developed a theory about why people say “between you and I” when we should expect them to say “between you and me.”

After completing my degree, I moved back to Maryland, where I took several adjunct teaching jobs – one of them at UMUC teaching grammar. I kept that job with UMUC through a move to Delaware and the birth of two children, eventually taking a full-time position in the writing program.

Though I didn’t start degrees in math or linguistics expecting to become a writing professor or to teach online, I have fully immersed myself in both aspects of the job. I am proud of making a mark on students’ lives and helping them in their educational journeys. By enrolling in the Masters in Distance Education program, I am gaining a theoretical background and practical skills for more effective teaching and leadership.